10th – 12th July 2023 Nairobi (Kenya) – The A.U High-level Private Sector Forum’s objective was to strengthen the linkages between Regional and Continental markets for increased trade and investments. It also aimed at providing a platform for High-Level Government officials to candidly discuss the challenges that face the business community and deliberate on solutions and opportunities presented by Regional and Continental integration initiatives such as the AfCFTA.

PALU Chief Executive Officer Mr. Donald Deya moderated the session on Transport Logistics and Infrastructure which focused on: Crowding in private sector investment in transport logistics and infrastructure.

The session discussed the importance of supporting the development of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Africa and noted that this support is critical, not only through policy and regulatory frameworks, but also through building government capacity, project structuring, advisory services, and the provision of financing instruments such as de-risking, guarantees, credit enhancements, local currency financing, and trade facilitation.

Mr. Deya in his opening remarks for the session noted that Agenda 2063 emphasises the need for integration as one of the key foundations for ensuring Africa achieves its goals for inclusive and sustainable growth and development.

Aspiration 2 of Agenda 2063 emphasizes the importance of developing world-class infrastructure in Africa. This infrastructure should encompass comprehensive networks that enhance connectivity across the continent, achieved through innovative and ambitious initiatives that connect Africa via rail, road, sea, and air. It also underscores the development of regional and continental power pools, along with advancements in information and communication technology (ICT).

Finally, Mr Deya noted that the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) provides a common framework for African stakeholders to build the infrastructure necessary for more integrated transport, energy, ICT and transboundary water networks to boost trade, spark growth and create jobs.

The outcomes of the deliberations of the Forum will go a long way in promoting trade growth in the region and beyond.

Photo Courtesy of East African Community


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