Pan African Lawyers Union – PALU were today at the 1st Instance Division of #EACJ to continue cross-examination of witnesses in Ref No. 10 of 2017 – Ololosokwan Village Council & 3 Others vs the Attorney General of the United Republic of Tanzania.

In this case, the Applicants, who are represented by Pan African Lawyers Union, are challenging their unlawful and forceful eviction from their own village land in Loliondo Division, which borders the Serengeti National Park.

The Court granted the Applicants one final adjournment, to allow them to contract new Geo-Spatial Experts to prepare a Report showing the boundaries between Serengeti and Village land, and establish where the demolished homesteads (Bomas) were. The initial Expert that was working on the matter had earlier withdrawn.
Cross-examination of witnesses will resume in the Courts’ next session in March 2020.

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