The year 2022, this first post-covid year which is coming to an end, has allowed the resumption of face-to-face activities and made travels more flexible.

The Pan-African Lawyers Union was able to hold its general assembly, renew its Executive Committee in June and celebrate its 20th anniversary masterfully in Addis Ababa last September.

Many of you have shown us loyalty and commitment; be thanked for this and urged at the same time to remain mobilized in the service of our mission which is both so exciting and so harsh.

The gigantic corruption scandal revealed this year by the GLENCORE trial, and which involves several countries on our continent, the undisguised attacks on Lawyers, the Bar associations and the judiciary, the resurgence of military coups, just like the ever-great desire for constitutional amendments to serve the interests of the leaders of the moment, show the imperative need to remain vigilant and committed.

We must not lose sight of the crucial role of the legal profession in supporting Institutions in respecting the rule of law and good governance and in defending the independence of justice and the Bar; Our voice must always be heard.

This fight will not happen without the help of all Lawyers and without the involvement of all Bar associations and Law societies of the continent; the massive membership of Lawyers from the continent, namely the young lawyers, is a primary objective of our organization and one of the keys to the success of this fight.

While waiting to meet the continental legal community in Livingstone, Zambia at the next annual conference scheduled for June 21 to 24, 2023, the members of the Executive Committee of the Pan African Lawyers Union and the staff of the Secretariat join me in wishing a beautiful and happy new year 2023 full of energy and achievements to all our members, supporters and partners; Our best wishes for happiness, health and success accompany you throughout the year ahead.




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