The Multi Sectoral Working Group on Combatting Corruption – East Africa Region invites submissions of papers on the implementation of the AUCPCC; the opportunities available to state parties, the challenges that impede adoption and effective implementation as well as  best approaches to adaptation and moving the Convention from intended policy to actual practice.

The objective of the call for papers is to encourage and promote new thinking and debate on issues that the MSWG is exploring through its knowledge generation and research. Submissions based on primary sources, personal research and innovative thinking are highly encouraged. Papers are accepted in English, French and Portuguese, up to 2,000 words in length.Winners will be narrowed to the top FIVE authors.The selected papers will be published on MSWG's website and the authors of those papers will be invited to present their winning paper at the  Civil Society Forum  on December 5-7 in Arusha. Winners will also receive an honorarium of US$400.

Below are the Guidelines on drafting the papers with regard to writing references:

  1. The Book or the Report: Author (First Name + Surname) or the Organization responsible if there is no individual author, the title in italics, the editor (can be omitted if it is the same as the Organization), place and date of publication, page number (s).
  2. Following citations: author (only the Surname), the simplified title, the page number.
  3. Newspaper Articles, Periodicals or Reviews: Author (First Name + Surname), «Title of the Article in inverted commas», title of the publication in italics, place and date of publication (in an initial reference), the page number.
  4.  Law: Number and title of the law, (plus, if that is the usual format, the official number of the Gazette / Journal), the date, the cited Article.
  5. Report, Article, etc. Published (only) on the Internet: Author, title, date, address of the website, date consulted. If the original publication is not in English: the full title of the publication in the original language, with an English translation in brackets.

All applications should be emailed to: or

The deadline for submissions is September 30th 2016.

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