PALU was a proud participant at the Law Society of Kenya’s annual conference which took place on 15-18 August 2023 under the theme, “Climate change: from theory to action, the role of the legal profession in climate justice” and the sub-theme, “Anti-Money laundering: the uncomfortable agent, a lawyer’s role in balancing the competing interests”.

Under the main theme of climate change, the deputy speaker of the parliament of Kenya, Ms Gladys Boss Shollei, led the Women’s voices in echoing their role in environmental decision-making. Specifically, the discussions delved into the role that women play in tackling climate change, the undeniable fact that women's leadership is a key strength in addressing global warming concerns, all the while focusing on the critical role that women play in addressing climate change.

The discussions surrounding the sub-theme of anti-money laundering ably captured the obligations of legal practitioners in Kenya, the impact they should have, and alternative regulatory approaches that could be adopted. The discussions were led by some prominent officials from the country’s anti-corruption agency, which assessed the regulatory approaches and the role of an advocate in balancing competing interests.

The conference was timely in its discussions surrounding climate change and anti-money laundering at a time when the continent of Africa has just held its continent-wide climate change conference, which assessed that issues surrounding illicit financial flows and money laundering being the main causes of the incapacity of addressing the root causes efficiently.

Within this space, all the lawyers in Africa and PALU members generally can find their space and contribute to tactics that can be deployed to mitigate the effects of climate change and money laundering.

Photo: Courtesy of Law Society of Kenya

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