February 6th 2023, Appeal No. 13 of 2022 filed by four Loliondo Villages against the Attorney General of Tanzania, came up for Scheduling a Conference before the Appellate Division of the East Africa Court of Justice.

In this session, the parties agreed on the issues in the Appeal that they want the Court to address and make a determination on as well as on the timelines within which parties will file their submissions to be determined by the Court. The Appeal is challenging the decision of the 1st Instance Division of the Court which threw out the case that had challenged the decision of the Government to violently evict the Maasai Community from their ancestral land.

The Pan African Lawyers Union (PALU) which is representing the Maasai communities was led in Court by Adv. Donald Deya (CEO and lead counsel in the case), accompanied by other counsels who are supporting the Case

After careful reading of the judgment of the first instance division, we found grounds of appeal, both in law and in facts, that lead us to seek the redress from the Appellate Division in addressing them. We are looking forward to highlight to the Court these discrepancies – Adv. Donald Deya

The Appellants are optimistic that the Hearing will be in the May 2023 session of the Appellate Division.


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