29th July – 2nd August 2023, (Minneapolis, USA) – PALU was represented at this year’s 98th NBA Annual Conference by our Chief Executive Officer Mr Donald Deya. PALU. PALU and the NBA had earlier in July during it’s Annual Conference in Livingstone Zambia, signed an MoU on possible areas of collaboration that would benefit members from both associations.

During his remarks at the NBA Conference Mr. Deya discussed the various ways in which the two associations could collaborate and deliver value-added services to their members, these included:

Sharing and exchanging information and practices on new laws and emerging trends that would be of interest to members. An example was the presentation on Artificial Intelligence delivered by Past President Vanita Banks during the PALUs Annual Conference which was of immense benefit to PALUs members who were present physically and virtually.

Inviting as well as sending members and leaders of associations to events organized by fellow associations or other stakeholders. These events may include educational workshops and seminars that will focus on topics where members from the two associations can share ideas, lessons and various opportunities available for collaboration.  One of the areas could be a focus on having black-owned law firms partnering with firms in Africa to work together towards growth.

Formulation of  Directories and enable counterpart law firms, legal institutions, governments and private clients to know where capacities and experience lie.

PALU also committed to introducing the NBA to AU Organs and institutions including, how they work as well as identifying which areas the NBA could contribute and have the most impact on African citizens.


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